Open Banking Mortgage Application

Open Banking

We are one of the very first mortgage brokers in the UK to use Open Banking. We’ll explain how you can supercharge your mortgage approval and get yourself mortgage offer ready when you submit your mortgage application.

Supercharge your Mortgage Approval with Open Banking

When you get a mortgage Agreement in Principle directly with a bank/mortgage lender they are only really concerned about your credit score and your credit profile. Traditionally, mortgage lenders and banks don’t fully assess your income or review your bank statements until after your full mortgage application has been submitted.

This is often too late in our view and after you have committed to a property, paid for a solicitor and a property survey. This potentially exposes you to the risk of a declined mortgage application.

As a mortgage broker powered by Open Banking, we are able to go above and beyond the traditional agreement in principle with our mortgage assessment.

Get Yourself Mortgage Offer Ready

If you use Glow to arrange your mortgage, your Agreement in Principle will include our Open Banking exposure assessment. This provides you with complete confidence in your mortgage approval and our mortgage recommendation.

We verify your income and expenses in less than 10 minutes. We also obtain copies of your last 3 months bank statements. Lenders ask for these when you place your application.

We look at various exposure factors and compare these against lender criteria to ensure that our mortgage recommendation is the most suitable and that you are virtually mortgage offer ready at the point of application.

Security and Privacy

We take a very strong stance towards your privacy and the security of your personal financial data.

Open Banking does not allow us to log in to your bank account dashboard and we have no personal access to your online bank account or privileges to make any changes.

When you use our Open Banking Mortgage Application to connect to your bank we only have limited access. Our system gets a one-time, read-only, access token to retrieve your bank statements and verify your income and expenditure. This is all done within a few seconds and then the access token expires.

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Important regulatory disclaimer: Our Open Banking assessment is carried out internally to support our internal advice process only. No data is shared or presented on screen with customers.