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What to expect when using an online mortgage broker

Online mortgage brokers have grown in numbers quickly over the past few years. It is no longer acceptable to simply have a website with a contact form and call your service ‘online’. We explore the key aspects of being an online mortgage broker.

Instant Access to a Broker

Live chat should be the main point of contact. When you visit an online broker, it should be expected that your mortgage advisor is available for a live chat. That’s not just about having a button in the corner of a website for show, it actually needs to be manned and monitored by a responsive mortgage advisor.

Technology allows us to know when you are online as if you have just walked into our office. You should always be able to speak to a fully qualified and experienced mortgage advisor, not have someone from an administration team pick up your enquiry. This means that you should be able to speak to your qualified mortgage advisor beyond the typical hours of 9-5pm.

When a customer reaches out via live chat, this should send an instant notification directly to your mortgage broker on their mobile device to alert them to go online and respond.

Message Icon

There are administration services that companies can use to make it look like you are speaking to a representative of the Company, but actually you might be speaking to a support team who may not be able to provide mortgage advice at all. All they can do is take your number down and get someone to call you back.

Online from start to finish

When you use an online mortgage broker you expect every aspect of the service to be completed online. A phone call to follow up with several appointments later to collect your mortgage requirements is not representative of a truly online service.

The actual mortgage application should be available digitally, of course with the option to speak to a mortgage advisor over the phone if you want to (as well as live chat and email).

Before taking the plunge it’s natural to want to put a voice to the name, but then carry on with a digital application in your own time to make sure you are happy with the detail before it’s submitted. This means that you can revisit your digital application at any time, rather than have to rush to get it submitted all in one go.

Integrated services

An online mortgage broker service should also include open banking integrations that help make your mortgage application easier to process and reduce the amount of data collected.

There are some great integrations we take advantage of that allow us to check the validity of your ID with just a quick snap of your Passport or Driving License, or allow you to sync your latest bank statements directly from your online banking. There is no need to print off pages and pages of personal bank statements anymore. This technology is available thanks to advancements in open banking. We fully expect advancements in this area over the coming years to reduce the time it takes to process a mortgage application.

The industry is moving away from the old image of the suit and tie broker who you can only speak to once you have arranged an appointment, to an online advisor waiting to help you at a moments notice. A great blend of technology and good customer service to ease you through your mortgage application.

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Highly recommended Glow mortgages. Our advisor, Ben, was so responsive. He was available at all times of the day and even answered back quickly at the weekends. The whole process from start to finish was so stress free I can't believe how easy it has been. I couldn't recommend people to use this company enough. I would definitely use the service again when it comes to remortgaging.
Rachael Mccrae
Rachael M.
19:19 06 Sep 19
Ben at Glow has been the most crucial and reliable point of contact throughout the entire first time buyer experience. He replies swiftly, he replies out of hours, and he goes above and beyond to help arrange everything from the best mortgage to various insurances and provides a very high standard of accurate general information. Not only that, but the whole thing is digital, from the communication to the document verification - a time-saving and absolutely imperative aspect of the process. Hopefully conveyancers and such will follow suit here, because the rest of the process outside of Glow's involvement is archaic and is in desperate need of modernisation. Ben is doing all he can to make this happen and Glow will go far as the average buyer starts creeping towards the new generations. I would invest in this company if I could. Absolutely 10/10 without question.
Clive Ardern
Clive A.
21:05 31 Jul 19
Absolutely first class! Ben and Glow are fantastic.. Moving with the times with their instant messaging service. This is the way business is going and its great to see a service such as this be done this way. After struggling to obtain a mortgage with various lenders Ben had me an offer in less than a week. Incredible!Can't wait to move into my first place and its all thanks to Glow.. My thanks go out to you all!
Toby Poirier
Toby P.
15:11 10 Jun 19

Ben - Author

Author: Ben, Glow Mortgage Advisor (CeMAP, BSc Hons)

Date Published: 10th March 2019.