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What to expect when using an online mortgage broker

Online mortgage brokers have grown in numbers quickly over the past few years. It is no longer acceptable to simply have a website with a contact form and call your service ‘online’. We explore the key aspects of being an online mortgage broker.

Instant Access to a Broker

Live chat should be the main point of contact. When you visit an online broker, it should be expected that your mortgage advisor is available for a live chat. That’s not just about having a button in the corner of a website for show, it actually needs to be manned and monitored by a responsive mortgage advisor.

Technology allows us to know when you are online as if you have just walked into our office. You should always be able to speak to a fully qualified and experienced mortgage advisor, not have someone from an administration team pick up your enquiry. This means that you should be able to speak to your qualified mortgage advisor beyond the typical hours of 9-5pm.

When a customer reaches out via live chat, this should send an instant notification directly to your mortgage broker on their mobile device to alert them to go online and respond.

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There are administration services that companies can use to make it look like you are speaking to a representative of the Company, but actually you might be speaking to a support team who may not be able to provide mortgage advice at all. All they can do is take your number down and get someone to call you back.

Online from start to finish

When you use an online mortgage broker you expect every aspect of the service to be completed online. A phone call to follow up with several appointments later to collect your mortgage requirements is not representative of a truly online service.

The actual mortgage application should be available digitally, of course with the option to speak to a mortgage advisor over the phone if you want to (as well as live chat and email).

Before taking the plunge it’s natural to want to put a voice to the name, but then carry on with a digital application in your own time to make sure you are happy with the detail before it’s submitted. This means that you can revisit your digital application at any time, rather than have to rush to get it submitted all in one go.

Integrated services

An online mortgage broker service should also include open banking integrations that help make your mortgage application easier to process and reduce the amount of data collected.

There are some great integrations we take advantage of that allow us to check the validity of your ID with just a quick snap of your Passport or Driving License, or allow you to sync your latest bank statements directly from your online banking. There is no need to print off pages and pages of personal bank statements anymore. This technology is available thanks to advancements in open banking. We fully expect advancements in this area over the coming years to reduce the time it takes to process a mortgage application.

The industry is moving away from the old image of the suit and tie broker who you can only speak to once you have arranged an appointment, to an online advisor waiting to help you at a moments notice. A great blend of technology and good customer service to ease you through your mortgage application.

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Absolutely first class! Ben and Glow are fantastic.. Moving with the times with their instant messaging service. This is the way business is going and its great to see a service such as this be done this way. After struggling to obtain a mortgage with various lenders Ben had me an offer in less than a week. Incredible!Can't wait to move into my first place and its all thanks to Glow.. My thanks go out to you all!
Toby Poirier
Toby P.
15:11 10 Jun 19
If your looking for a mortgage broker, then I promise you, you don't have to look any further!!I'm so pleased I had Ben to help us with our mortgage application. He helped us to understand things and make us feel more confidant and secure, in the biggest decision we have ever made. He is a thoroughly nice person, very friendly, down to earth and highly professional. He is quick to respond to emails/phone calls and kept us constantly updated. I would highly recommend him to anyone and definitely use him again! Thank Ben. Ben H
ben harry
ben H.
18:18 29 Apr 19
I found about Glow Mortgages online and read the reviews about them, just like you are doing now. I tried the online forms on the website but it was not very user friendly so I abandoned it and emailed Glow Mortgages. Ben replied and was very helpful, resourceful and worked out all the options patiently with us. I sent attachments by email rather than the website but always received formal documents through the website. Ben replies to emails promptly it would feel like you were in a chat room. I did not have any need to phone them because things worked so smoothly you had no real reason to call. I did speak with Ben once just to ascertain he was real :). The service is unbelievably good! Everything with Glow mortgages was speedily done, they will check on you to deliver requested documents if you forgot or keep you updated on the process. They work odd hours and always kept you updated on what to do next. They made sure we have all the papers required no matter what the situation could be with the lender, we got a very good deal in the end and could't be any happier. I will definitely be using Glow mortgages again in the future.
Sylvester O.
Sylvester O.
07:00 08 Mar 19
We would like to acknowledge the exceptional service that we received during the entire Mortgage process. Ben Onley,s professionalism and knowledge of the industry was impressive and truly appreciated. In the past, we have had experience with several others Banks/Lenders and have found the process frustrating and tedious. Ben went above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs were met and that everything was handled thoroughly and efficiently. We have and will continue to recommend him in the future.”Regards Gary & Cindy Morrell
Gary Morrell
Gary M.
10:43 22 Jan 19
Glow Mortgage were excellent. My advisor, Ben Olney, was so respsonsive no matter the time of day, offered great advice and guided me through each part of the process step by step. Everything is done online, is quick and easy. Highly, highly recommend. Very happy with the service provided!
Kirby Anderson
Kirby A.
15:32 30 Oct 18
Ben has been amazing from start to finish. He has been so speedy with his replies and keep in touch with me the whole way through my house buying journey. He’s always on hand to help at any time of day, any day of the week. He’s offered so much advice to help me through the process, as a new buyer I found this very helpful. He has kept on top of things and kept me in the know throughout. I have felt 100% confident and comfortable with his services and would recommend to anyone looking for a mortgage broker. The fact that everything is digital is amazing too! Saves so much time and is the way forward.
Danielle Smith
Danielle S.
19:22 30 Aug 18
A slick, efficient and fast service.At first I was very apprehensive about using a faceless online service for the most valuable transaction of my life but after doing some due diligence and chatting with Ben online, who provided his credentials, I took the plunge and was impressed with how smoothly the whole process was executed.I would happily use again and recommend Glow to others.
Nilesh Parmar
Nilesh P.
06:38 07 Aug 18

Ben - Author

Author: Ben, Glow Mortgage Advisor (CeMAP, BSc Hons)

Date Published: 10th March 2019.