NHS Mortgages


Mortgage lenders that understand the NHS

We recognise that your job role may require you to switch from one Trust to another, working for multiple hospitals or maybe you choose to work as a locum or part of the bank staff. Fortunately, there are mortgage lenders out there who understand these flexible working arrangements.


Who are the best mortgage lenders for NHS Doctors and Nurses?

Mortgage Lenders that work well with NHS doctors and nurses:

  • Nationwide
  • Halifax
  • Scottish Widows
  • Teachers
  • Buckinghamshire

From the list above; Halifax, Scottish Widows and Buckinghamshire will consider Locum Doctors and Nurses. Nationwide and Halifax are great for Doctors and Nurses who are about to start a new role with a contract in place without the first payslip. Halifax and Teachers will also consider NHS bank workers.

No appointments needed

If you are a Nurse, Doctor or NHS staff, arranging a mortgage can be difficult and stressful. Many mortgage lenders and mortgage advisors work 9 – 5pm and often require face-to-face appointments or telephone calls that can last for an hour. When you only have 5 minutes to spare, it’s no wonder that arranging a mortgage can seem like a mountain of a task. This is where we can help.

2am Mortgage Application? No problem

We are online from start to finish and if you need to start or update your application at 2am, you can. With us you can track the progress of your mortgage application 24/7 and download important mortgage documents without wasting your time on the phone during the day.

Digital ID checks and Income Verification

You can verify your income with Open Banking. We also verify your ID and address digitally, so there is no need to see us in person.
We are mortgage brokers who understand the NHS and we can take away all of the application hassle, place you with the right lender and manage your application all the way through to completion.

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