Mortgage Rates API Plugin

Display the latest UK mortgage rates on your website.

If you have ever wanted to display the latest mortgage rates on your website, we can build and license our Mortgage Cards API as a free website plugin.

Mortgage Interest Rates API


  • Pinpoint the mortgage demographics for your own target audience.
  • Mortgage interest rates, fees, lender logos and key financial information all updated in real-time automatically via API.
  • Dynamic resizing on mobile devices and larger screens.
  • A simple script to install on each webpage where the tool is required
  • It can be placed above or below any existing content.
Example API usage
Example Design

Please note:

We will need to carry out due diligence on your website and Company to ensure that you meet certain conditions to display the rate cards.

We typically allow the mortgage cards to be displayed on your website if you are a mortgage broker, estate agent, developer, property or finance blog writer.

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