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In the competitive world of mortgage brokering, connecting with potential clients at the right time is crucial. This is where our mortgage leads come into play, offering an opportunity for brokers to streamline their sales process and boost their conversion rates.

Our mortgage lead service stands out in the field for low cost and no subscription, removing the barriers for smaller brokers. We provide mortgage brokers with access to high-quality, organic mortgage leads, streamlining the pathway to reaching genuinely interested clients who have been doing their research on our website. This not only optimises quality, but also establishes optimal client interaction, setting the stage for a sustainable customer relationship.

Our History

Glow was established in 2017 as a mortgage broker and gained many 5 star reviews on Google, TrustPilot and Smart Money People for customer service which are still present today. Our history as a mortgage broker, now turned mortgage lead generator in 2023, means that we can offer unparalleled quality tailored for small or independent mortgage brokers. Customers still visit our website to read our mortgage updates and look to make enquiries when their mortgage deals are ending or when they wish to move home. The Glow website also distinguishes itself by securing a top 10 presence across numerous keywords on Google, demonstrating its effectiveness in capturing organic traffic from potential UK clients who are actively searching for mortgage advice.

Organic Leads

No Subscription Fees

Unlike other mortgage lead services, there are no subscription fees. Leads start at £10 for prospective purchasers and £15 for remortgages. We stand by the integrity of our mortgage leads by offering refunds for any that are invalid due to fake contact details. This commitment to quality and transparency makes Glow an attractive choice for brokers seeking to enhance their customer base.

Lead Validation Checks

Before we allow our mortgage leads to be published we carry out a variety of checks, including email validation checks. Our checks use the latest technology to ensure that email addresses given by customers are currently live and hold a good reputation score. We also carry out income multiplier checks and reject mortgage leads that fall outside of a reasonable range. Finally, we carry out mortgage loan, deposit and property value cross-referencing checks – to ensure you are not paying for a mortgage lead that is unlikely to proceed based on core fundamentals such as LTV.

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Once we have established that your firm is authorised to provide financial advice and arrange mortgage products, we will add you to our mortgage lead generation dashboard where you will have the opportunity to view and buy mortgage leads as soon as the enquiries are made via our website: