How do we check your ID & Documents?

We will carry out a background check on you using the information and documents that you provide us with. Your personal information and documents will be checked by a third party verification agency.


Checks that we carry out:

1.  An Identity Check will verify your name, address and date of birth by cross-referencing your details against a range of verified databases.

2. A Document Check consists of a visual image scan which analyses passports and other documents to verify that they are valid. The technology will also identify whether the document has been recorded as lost, stolen or compromised.

Document Check

3. A Watchlist Check will identify whether you are listed on global Watchlists.

Our Watchlist Checks include:
* Government Sanctions Lists;
* Politically Exposed Persons Lists;
* Anti-Terrorism Watchlists;
* Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Watchlists; * CIA Watchlists;
* Global;
* Disqualified Directors.

By providing us with your documents and/or asking us to proceed with a mortgage application, you give us your permission to carry out these checks with a third party verification agency as per our Terms of Use.

Scans of your personal documents must be an exact copy of the original provided by the Company, Institution or Government Body that has issued them. No alternations to scanned documents are allowed in any form, even if it is to remove a blemish.