How to Switch to a New Mortgage Deal with Natwest

Mortgage Switch with Natwest

How to Switch to a New Mortgage Deal with Natwest

Switching your mortgage deal with Natwest has never been easier, it can all be carried out digitally. We don’t charge a fee and we can look up new deals with your account number and advise you on the most suitable options. Natwest provide a tool for brokers to check the deals and switch you online instantly once you have decided. Once we access your options we will email them to you, or you can discuss them via live chat / phone. As we are independent, we can advise on the pros and cons of all the different options available to you. It’s very quick, most switch deals can be arranged on the same day.

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Does it involve any paperwork, new assessment or fees?

Whether you switch directly or you let us advise and broker the switch rate, the process does not involve a lot of paperwork at all, either from us or Natwest. Once we have advised and selected the most suitable mortgage option, we get Natwest to email you the documents via DocuSign on the same day. Everything can be signed digitally, agreed and put in place without having to scan any forms or involve any new assessments. We don’t charge any broker fees to arrange a new deal for customers as its a quick process, however, Natwest may charge arrangement fees for the lowest priced interest rates. You can choose to pay these fees upfront or add the fees to your mortgage.

What mortgage options can I get?

If you would like a quick look at the deals on offer then we have a switch mortgage tool that allows you to check the live NatWest rates. You can lookup current fixed rate deals even if you haven’t yet come to the end of your current deal. Check the current mortgage deals on offer here: Check Mortgage Rates for a New Deal

Is it worth letting a broker switch my rate?

Yes, with Natwest we do actually get exclusive rates which can be lower than the deals you are being offered directly. That’s because we work with large national mortgage clubs who negotiate discounts with Natwest. It’s definitely worth checking with us and letting us give you a quote.

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Author: Ben, Glow (CeMAP, BSc Hons)

Date Published: 6th November 2021