How to get your SA302’s and Tax Year Overviews

HMRC Self Assessment

We have prepared this step-by-step guide for self-employed customers who need to access and download their SA302’s for their mortgage application from the HMRC Government website. This guide is for self-employed individuals who have already submitted their HMRC Tax Returns online.

To get your SA302’s:

1. Go to HMRC website and sign in.
You will need your Government Gateway credentials to sign in.

Sign in HMRC

2. Click ‘Self Assessment’ from your HMRC account homepage.


3. Click ‘Get your SA302 Tax Calculation’ and ‘Continue to your SA302’.

Get your SA302 Tax Calculation

4. Print your full calculation.

Print and Save your SA302’s as a PDF file.

To get your Tax Year Overviews:

1. Go to HMRC website and sign in.

2. Click ‘Self Assessment’ from your HMRC account homepage


3. Click ‘View your Tax Year Overview’.

Get your Tax Year Overviews

4. Print your Tax Year Overview.

Print and Save your Tax Year Overview as a PDF file.

That’s it!

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Ben - Author

Author: Ben, Glow (CeMAP, BSc Hons)

First Published on: 19th July 2017

Updated: 1st October 2022