How Long Does a Mortgage Application Take?

Mortgage Application

Not so long ago, mortgage applications would take around 30 minutes to complete and several days to be assessed?


This is because most lenders throw all of their questions on to one page and expect you to work out which questions are relevant to you and which ones aren’t.

There was always the fear of missing something out and having your mortgage application rejected. So, you would waste a lot of time reviewing your own responses over and over again.

The same lengthy process still applies today with most lenders. You have to complete a form, either online or paper-based. Typing endlessly and double checking your entry.

We decided we wanted to eliminate forms forever.


No more mortgage application forms & faster response times


Here at Glow, we have developed a solution to reduce the time it takes you to complete a mortgage application. We hate forms and we hate typing when it isn’t necessary.

Our expert mortgage advisors have developed a robot that will collect the vital information from you and present this information to our mortgage brokers ready to start their research. An intelligent fact-finding robot.

We have reduced the time it takes to complete a mortgage application simply by asking you only the relevant questions that we need to know.


How does our intelligent mortgage application chatbot work?


Based on your responses, our intelligent chatbot will determine only the relevant questions that we need to ask next. Removing the questions that are not necessary and thus reducing the questions left to answer.

In addition, we have eliminated the need for typing when typing is not necessary. We provide multiple choice buttons for you to click and respond with the options that may apply to you wherever possible.

The whole mortgage application process takes less than 5 minutes ⏱
Mortgage Application Process


Mortgage Profile Matching


Once you have completed our mortgage chatbot questions, our human mortgage experts will pick up your enquiry and match your profile with the best mortgage, searching the whole of market.

We will then complete the mortgage application form for you with the best-matched lender.

We match our clients based on interest rate, cheapest overall cost and lender criteria eligibility. We don’t let a computer do this for you. In order to ensure that you are matched with the best possible mortgage option, our mortgage experts will review your responses and carry out the mortgage match.

You end up with the best possible outcome, a mortgage application form completed in 5 minutes and the best mortgage option handpicked by our experienced and qualified mortgage experts.


Quick, easy and hassle-free

Most lenders will look to offer your mortgage application within a few days of receiving a satisfactory property valuation report.


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Ben - Author
Author: Ben, Glow Mortgage Advisor (CeMAP, BSc Hons)

First Published: 31st December 2017